Month: February 2015

Whoa, let’s slow down.

If I’m not happy in this time and place, I’m not paying attention. –Jodi Hills, American author Sometimes I get upset about how life is going. It’s as though life should actually be the way I think it should be, and if it isn’t,...

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Nineteen Things I Love About You

It is easy to come up with things we like about our kids. And every once in a while, it’s useful and fun to push the boundaries of our awareness by stretching to come up with more than just a few. I love going for 19 when I...

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Interesting takes on providing just the right amount of parenting from @Lin_Manuel in this piece from @MichaelHainey :

Great piece from @murielvega on how to get the most out of your meetings:

Be an advocate for advantageous change in those around you.

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