The Being Remarkable Series

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The Being Remarkable Series is a training program designed to be used by HR professionals to develop talent within the organization. Introductory videos for each of the booklet’s fifteen sections and a facilitation guide provide a wealth of resources for getting deeper into the ideas contained in the booklet. For individuals, a self-guided workbook allows you to work through the program at your own pace and includes access to the videos and the same resources in the facilitation guide. For more information or to order this series for yourself or your organization, contact the publisher: [email protected].

The cartoonist Al Capp once wrote that nothing is so ordinary as the desire to be extraordinary. All of us want to be special—to make a difference. Over time, however, that desire can erode, and then it’s easy to begin settling for less.

Keeping your intention to be remarkable in front of you is the first step. The next is choosing a critical variable to pay attention to each day. Once you have incorporated this variable to a point where it is almost instinctive, then choose another, and then another.

Videos: Free with purchase of the Facilitation Guide or Personal Workbook. In brief video clips, Paul Axtell introduces each chapter with stories illustrating the insights offered on your journey toward Being Remarkable.



This small but power-packed collection of action items—gleaned from more than 30 years of training people toward greater personal effectiveness—keeps these ideas fresh in your mind, developing the awareness that is the beginning of true and lasting change.


Designed to be used individually or as part of a self-guided study group, this book provides all the background notes and handouts in the Facilitation Guide, plus space for recording insights, additional quotes, and tips for what to try in each section.



Designed to guide HR professionals, supervisors, and managers in leading development discussions, this manual provides background notes on each of the bullet points in the booklet as well as more than 50 reproducible handouts—everything you need to make teaching this series a rich and rewarding experience for all.

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