10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids


Every parent wishes that newborns came with an instruction manual. This book guides parents through one aspect of raising their kids: creating wonderful, lasting relationships through power of conversation. If your relationship is special, you have more potential to influence your kids and teach them how to be confident, resilient, kind, and successful adults. The second edition incorporates the latest research as well as stories from parents who have put his advice to the test with their own children.

A consultant and trainer who works with Fortune 500 companies and others, Axtell has long believed the key to having great relationships—whether in the workplace or at home—is paying attention to your conversations. He’s taught corporate executives, university deans, elementary school teachers, and assembly line workers how to look at their conversations in a new light. In this book, he shines that light on family relationships.

Winner of a 2018 National Parenting Product Award and named Best Parenting Book by both the 2018 Book Excellence Awards and the 2012 Independent Publisher Awards,  Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids  empowers parents to be more conscious of what they say and how they speak to their kids. It provides simple, straightforward ideas for making deeper, more meaningful connections that will last forever. As father to two wonderful adults and grandfather to thirteen in his blended family, Axtell knows it’s never too late to work on creating great relationships with the kids in your life.