A Virtual Training Program for Individual and Group Effectiveness

Upcoming Programs:
March 14-16, 2023
May 16 – 18, 2023
June 20, 21, 22, 2023

All dates 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST
Cost: $450
Email paulaxtell@mac.com to enroll.
Includes a digital copy of the Foundations reference manual.

In this program we will cover fifteen to twenty of the most powerful ideas that allow people to be effective individually and in groups, including:

Perspective: Effective people always have an empowering mindset working. If they are not looking forward to something, they find a new perspective. Changing perspective is an easy way to change behavior. We will work with the two most powerful perspectives to embrace as well as allow you to collect the seven perspectives that mean the most to you.

Conversation: We raise our kids with conversation. You manage your people and creating and enhancing relationships. Giving people the experience of being heard is the most important interpersonal skill. Most relationships are running down or losing safety, richness, and aliveness. Effective people constantly add attention and energy to their most important relationships.

Meetings: Effective meetings happen between strategy and this week’s actions. An organization that has true competency in group conversations has a competitive edge.

Focus: You are already productive. Still, there is room to grow if you gain clarity about where to focus and reclaim your ability to get lost in what you are doing. Most people think they are operating at 110 percent. Upon reflection, most of us realize we have more to give. One way I like to describe the Foundations program is: This is about five times more accomplishment with fewer hours and less stress.

We will also touch on many more ideas for personal development, which are included in the book you’ll receive as part of the program. Overall, I think you will find the ideas to be simple common sense that is missing. Additionally, we will address the issue of how to work with these ideas over time because, while you will leave the program with awareness of the ideas, awareness isn’t instinct, which is what we want.

One last thing: I’m willing to engage with you individually after the program to ensure you get the value you expect.

What people say about this course

‘openness, authenticity, and a desire for growth ‘

I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciated the Foundations class last week. It has already been by far the most applicable and helpful training to my personal and professional life I’ve ever taken … and also, it was just a heck of a lot of fun! I really appreciated your thoughtfulness in preparation and execution of the course … a culture was created for 12 hours that was characterized by openness, authenticity, and a desire for growth that is sadly so uncommon in the world today, and for that to take place in an online training at work is just WOW!

Jason M.

‘Thanks so much’

Thanks so much for the last three days. Over three decades in the corporate world, I’ve attended many of these types of programs and Foundations is clearly the best I’ve attended. Also, this is the first one I’ve ever attended virtually and interestingly enough, it did not feel virtual. That’s a testament to your work, the content and your style. I’m sure I will be dropping in from time to time to future sessions. 

Dan M.

added so much value to my way of thinking

I found your course added so much value to my way of thinking as well as how much it will help in everyday life. I appreciate how you took the time to answer any questions we had as. You are an amazing individual. You made this experience an enriching one for me—a great opportunity. Thank you so much for the experience and the help to make me for reflective.

Melissa G.

gratefulness for being a part of the greater good

For me, it truly was a “foundational” experience and something I have always looked back on with great pride and gratefulness for being a part of the greater good.

Ken W.

genuine desire to make each of us better

There simply are not enough words to describe the masterful way Paul shares his personal experiences and expertise, with a genuine desire to make each of us better. Not only does he challenge us to think differently and continually pursue self-reflection and growth, but he simply leads by example. I am so very grateful I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the very best!

Kelly P.

one of the best classes I’ve taken

Foundations was seriously one of the best classes I’ve taken. I still use some of his worksheets, and I have two nuggets that I keep tucked in my mind and use often!

Kaylee K.