Ask Paul: What are the keys to meetings?

Q: Hello, I’m getting lots of value out of your book. Next week, I’m meeting with many of the new supervisors in our organization. I’d like to have a couple of slides in my presentation that get them thinking about running better meetings. What do you think is most important? – Ganesh 
Thanks for the question, Ganesh. You might try these two slides. Each of the bullets could lead to a rich discussion. For example, what does it mean to lead the meeting thoughtfully? Or what does powerful participation look like?
I choose this set because most of these elements are missing in many meetings.

After your discussion, you might ask some of the supervisors what they intend to try in their meetings. In my mind, front-line supervisors have a very difficult job. Helping them develop their skills around meetings will make it easier for them to do their jobs.
Good luck,