Listen when they are small…

In the book, we make the connection between listening to your kids when they are small so they have the opportunity to develop their speaking skills, as well as to create space within which your relationship can grow as your children grow to adulthood.
I received this email from a mother sharing another reason to find time to listen to each of your children for at least 15 minutes each evening:
Hello. I’ve enjoyed reading your book and am now sharing it with my husband.
I have really focused on how I am building relationships with my family, particularly my children. As a mother of three, I often find it difficult to give each child the attention I know they deserve. Also, with three boys aged 7, 5, and 2, sometimes it is all I can do to get dinner on the table and homework done!
Your words ring in my head almost daily…”Treat each moment like it’s the most important…” Much easier said than done, and when I am thinking about it is usually when I am finding it impossible! 🙂
I am often trying to manage the needs of all three while doing something else. I have been making an effort to give each child some undivided attention each day. It is really amazing what they will say when you just give them a chance! 
With the boys the ages they are, I have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to show them that I will listen to them when they come to me. Building that relationship now is so important to me, so that they will feel they can come to me later in life.
So, take even just 10 minutes right now and give your child your full attention…. I’d love to hear what learn! Add a comment below or email me at [email protected] with your discoveries, questions, suggestions.

“When your intention is to give your whole attention to your infant, your toddler, your preschooler, and so on, all the way through to adulthood, you create space within which your relationship can grow.” — from page 73 of Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids