“Nothing is so ordinary as the desire to be extraordinary.”
—Al Capp

Some people in life are freaky good. There aren’t many, but they are easy to spot in every discipline. For instance, in the world of rodeo, there are both amazing riders and amazing animals. I remember Bushwacker, a Brahma bull that defeated every cowboy who drew him in 56 straight rides with an average riding time of 2.3 seconds—where eight seconds is the required time for a successful ride. Bushwacker is beyond good—he is freaky good.

Most of us are not freaky good, but we can be remarkable because it only takes three things to stand out from the crowd: attitude, preparation, and work ethic.

And it’s the first—attitude—that sets you up for the next two.

A friend, Ken, related a story to me about a grave digger. Ken is a veterinarian who was asked to come out and put a client’s favorite pony to sleep. After doing so, the woman asked Ken if he would see to the pony’s burial. Ken agreed, not sure how he would get it done.

As he stood out in the large field, Ken noticed a small country church in the distance with a cemetery. On approaching the church, Ken saw the digger standing beside his small backhoe. Ken went up and explained his needs. The digger’s response was wonderful: “I would be honored.”

Later that afternoon at the site, Ken told the digger that the hole was deep enough. The reply was startling: “Sir, you know your job. I know mine. This hole is not perfect yet, and it’s not done until it is perfect.”

The digging continued until each side of the grave was perfectly straight and no loose dirt remained in the bottom. Only then did the digger say the hole was ready for the pony.

If you come to life with the attitude that you will treat every moment, every conversation, every person as if they matter, you will be remarkable. It’s an attitude that spills over into every aspect of your life. Not only will you do wonderful work, you will stand out, because not many people are looking at the world through this perspective—with this intent.

Think of it this way: If you are willing to be mediocre, you’ll be mediocre. If you intend to be remarkable, you can be beyond good.

“Argue for your limitations, and they are yours!”
—Richard Bach, Illusions

Have a great day.